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 About ACHE and why are we so awesome?

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About ACHE and why are we so awesome? Empty
PostSubject: About ACHE and why are we so awesome?   About ACHE and why are we so awesome? I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 05, 2017 6:04 am

ACHE is a Peaceful Training Alliance
We do not aggress on any outside players, either militarily or diplomatically, and we expect the same of others.  We do realize that misunderstandings can occur with new players.  We will always seek a diplomatic solution first and foremost. 
Another thing we want you to be clear on is that while we will help you train commanders and build military and diplomatic forces, ACHE members are strictly prohibited from attacking any other active players.  There are places for warriors in Illy, but we are a peaceful training environment only. 
If anyone has a problem with any member of ACHE please contact our Oracle. 
What makes ACHE special?
If you are looking for some GREAT grounding in Illy life, to gain some good experience, a safe home for the early part of your Illy career, and a helluva lot of resources delivered to you to help you build up fast, look at ACHE.
Some sense of humor is usually helpful; it doesn't have to be that good though!
Like most training alliances, we are friendly, supportive and very generous with resources.
Unlike other training alliances that may have rigorous training programs and assigned masters/tutors, ACHE trains our members through one-on-one contact in alliance chat.  We find that live interaction is the best way to develop and meet individual goals.
We have experts located in many countries around the world so someone is likely to be online and available most of the time.  There is always room in ACHE for an active, interested new player.  We try to tempt applicants who want to be spoiled with a lot of individual attention.
Secondary to chat, but also important, is our use of the mail system.  Immediately after joining, new members get a long packet of information to get started with.  Later, for those members who are not brave enough to show up in chat, one of our leaders will write to them and make sure they are not left out.  While some help is offered through the mail, all new members are encouraged to join us in chat for best learning opportunities. 
Because we share lots of resources, we concentrate on getting a player’s storage capacity up as soon as possible.  We have a unique method of bringing a player’s warehouse up to level 20 quickly so that they can start Exodus research and be ready that much sooner to move to a final location.  Still, we encourage players not to move while they are with ACHE but rather to save their moves until they find a permanent alliance. We also want them to stay until they have learned much and are ready to move seamlessly into a new alliance. 
Please note that since ACHE is a training alliance, in the natural course of things new players will move on to permanent alliances when they get big enough and are trained well enough.  We have senior players with close knowledge of many other alliances, so that when a trainee is ready to graduate, we can assist with finding the best choice of a permanent alliance.  Sometimes after a move, they find they were not ready, and they may be allowed to return for a short while.  But players who abandon their accounts without notice, as new players sometimes do, will not be allowed to return from another account.
Territorial Boundaries
ACHE has certain requirements and expectations regarding territory as given below.  These are generally the same as those observed across Illy.  Our members will respect these same boundaries regarding the territory of outside players and alliances.
If you wish to settle or move within 10 squares of any ACHE settlement, please open negotiations first.  We welcome friendly neighbors, but request that you enter into negotiations first.  Some of our members are, of course, permanent.  These are the good folk who will help the new players train, and they value their space the same as other folk in this game.  Others will of course be trainees, who will likely be moving on.
Please note that ACHE is in the process of rebuilding permanent members to assist with the training of new players, and as such we are forming hubs for the permanent alliance players.  If you find a freak square that falls in one of these hubs but is outside of the above 10 square stipulation we would ask you kindly to advise us and open communication regarding putting towns in the area to avoid any potential issues.  As always, we welcome friendly neighbors, but we do like open communication first.
We do not want settlements within 6 squares of any ACHE member settlement. Our reasoning is thus: we believe that for any city to flourish fully it needs at least 3 squares of sovereignty around it; thus two cities within 6 squares would hamper both and lead to potential sov issues.  Therefore, as per the above, please open negotiations with us if you want to settle close to a member.
ACHE has a number of hunter/gatherers among us.  We suggest that if you see a kill (hides/animal parts) near one of our cities, we likely killed it and therefore consider it ours.  Please do not be offended if we 'bump' you off our 'kill.’
Persistent robbing of our kills will be frowned upon.  We also hold resources on any squares within 5 squares of one of our towns and any squares we have claimed sovereignty on to be our property, unless it has been previously negotiated.
ACHE will actively seek out inactive and abandoned accounts to help train members in siegecraft, diplomacy, and magic, and to help new members gain another city and gain population fast.  When the inactive player has a history of being in one or more alliances, we will contact the most recent alliance to seek approval for capturing/razing the town.  Do not be surprised to see an ACHE member sieging an inactive town; it's good for our trainees.
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About ACHE and why are we so awesome?
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